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Inkless Applications

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Law Enforcement
Positive, biometric identification is increasingly a key component of the law enforcement toolkit. Law enforcement agencies tested several fingerprinting systems and determined that many solutions on the market did not meet their standards. Our system, however, did pass this critical test. Accordingly, we are selected for a variety of law enforcement applications. We are experienced, and ready to meet your specific law enforcement need.

Used daily by hundreds of hospitals, our inkless solutions are used to capture a high quality, biometric footprint of newborn babies. The process is clean, fast, and simple! Birth certificates to baby announcements, we fulfill a wide range of needs. Custom printing is available and we'd be happy to design a certificate that is right for you.

Child Identifcation
More than 800,000 children go missing in America each year for reasons ranging from abductions to children running away. Providing authorities with sound information is a critical element to bringing children home safe. Fingerprints provide a vital form of identification that cannot be changed or mistaken, yet less than 20% of parents have their child's fingerprints to use in an emergency. Inkless fingerprint systems are a clean and easy way to provide clear fingerprint records.

Financial Institutions
To fight fraud, financial institutions have for years turned to biometric, fingerprint identification to achieve positive identification. Increasingly, those working against the law have become adept at overcoming the "easy-to-beat" solutions some financial institutions rely upon. The superior quality of prints our system provides ups the ante and, in turn, the banking community is turning our way for advanced, fingerprinting solutions.

Voting Systems
In many countries around the world, fingerprinting is increasingly used to help administer the voting process. As our fingerprinting system is clean and convenient and the quality of the prints captured are superior to alternative solutions, government bodies around the world have partnered with us to fulfill their biometric identification needs. With a high volume, tightly managed manufacturing facility, we are well positioned and experienced to handle your large quantity orders.

Other Applications
Our advanced, FBI approved, and non toxic solution can be used for a wide range of other applications as well. Educational projects, marketing promotions, keepsakes, and even the capture of nose prints for pets! We are skilled at understanding the unique needs of our customers and developing an on target solution quickly and cost effectively.