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Torry Johnson, IT Director...

"I love these products! The quality of print is very sharp and exceeds the demanding image requirements we have established."

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"Wow! I was thrilled to learn such a solution exists. The inkless product was so clean and simple to use."

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How Inkless Works

Advanced technology, simple and clean process

It's amazing
Through proprietary and patented technology, our footprint and fingerprinting solutions provide permanent images without ink! The process is clean, non toxic, simple, and highly effective.

The best option for permanent and highest quality prints
For most fingerprinting and footprinting solutions, you really have three primary options: 1) ink systems, 2) semi-inkless systems, and 3) 100% inkless systems.

Ink systems (using a traditional ink pad) are often used; for most applications though, they are a poor choice. They are messy, the prints frequently smudged resulting in repeated attempts, and the clean-up process is both time consuming and requires a powerful cleaning solution. Also, a simple accident can lead to ruined clothing.

Semi-inkless is actually a black ink, but is graphite based. Tiny graphite particles are transferred from the ink pad to the form. Because some of the ink particles go away when the fingers are rubbed together, it is called semi-inkless. It still can be a messy process and the prints created are often not permanent in nature.

Our system, the true inkless solution, is different. It is chemically based, meaning that no transfer from ink pad to form takes place. Rather, through the use of a non-toxic, hospital-safe chemical reaction, 100% clean, superior quality, and permanent prints are achieved in a fast, easy manner. And unlike other inkless solution providers, our system does not require a secondary "card baking" process. With a rich history in providing inkless solutions and a large, global network of satisfied, repeat customers, Nekoosa Coated is the clear leader in inkless solutions.

Here's how our system works:

Step 1
Using our advanced technology towelette, simply wipe the area to be captured (a baby's foot, fingertips, etc.). As there is no ink, the surface wiped will simply be moistened with our special, non toxic solution..

Step 2
Press the finger or foot unto our special form or certificate. The document has a unique coating that will react to the solution on the foot or finger.

Step 3
Viola! A high quality, FBI authorized, permanent image will immediately appear. No special light or heat needs to be applied. And no clean-up is necessary either. Our system is easy, effective, and fast.