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footprint and fingerprint solutions

Satisfied Customers:

Torry Johnson, IT Director...

"I love these products! The quality of print is very sharp and exceeds the demanding image requirements we have established."

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Laurie Leduk, VP Strategy...

"Wow! I was thrilled to learn such a solution exists. The inkless product was so clean and simple to use."

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About Us

A team ready to serve you!

A strong, passionate team of 80 employees, Nekoosa Coated has a rich history of delivering reliable, high quality solutions in a responsive and cost effective manner.

With headquarters in Nekoosa, Wisconsin (USA), we have a broad, loyal customer base – including customers in ten different countries. Through our global, technically skilled sales force and over 300 distribution centers worldwide, we are ready to serve you.

Our manufacturing capabilities are robust: we operate a 109,353 sq. ft. manufacturing plant located on a 6.5 acre site. Advanced materials are our specialty, achieved via a 110” 2-Station Precision Aqueous Coating Line and high speed product sheeting lines with options to both convert and package on site. Service, quality, and safety performance is world class and state-of-the-art systems and technology are leveraged to produce superior products while keeping costs low.

Research and development takes place in-house, thereby ensuring innovation is not just a onetime event, but rather an everyday aspect of our business.

In summary, Nekoosa Coated is a strong, reliable business partner… well prepared to serve your needs in a responsive, professional, and high quality manner.