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Torry Johnson, IT Director...

"I love these products! The quality of print is very sharp and exceeds the demanding image requirements we have established."

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"Wow! I was thrilled to learn such a solution exists. The inkless product was so clean and simple to use."

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Products and Solutions

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For many of our customers, the standard offerings shown below meet their need. In many other cases, we partner with customers to develop a custom solution. With our in-house R&D team and advanced manufacturing capability, no need is too complex or off limits. So, if you don't see what you need below... call us today!

Available in convenient kits of 100 forms and towelettes in your choice of two standard certificates: baby's footprints or baby's footprints plus a parent's fingerprint.

Pre-Printed Certificates
Standard birth certificates and "In Baby's Memory" certificates available in packs of 100. Towelettes available separately.

Custom Certificates and Forms
Custom, full-color and one-color forms with a variety of options available on request. Other ideas or custom applications for our inkless solutions? No problem! We'll work with you to develop a solution to meet your unique requirements.

Custom Product Solutions
Our inkless systems come in a variety of footprint and fingerprint solution formats beyond our standard towel/pouch. We offer a multi-use pad that dispenses our inkless solution onto the finger for up to 400 prints per pad. When coupled with our paper, these pads are ideal for notary applications, police stations, or voter booths. We also offer a disposable single-use pouch that contains a small amount of inkless solution. These can easily be attached or supplied with a form for single use biometric signatures, fingerprints, or footprints.