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Torry Johnson, IT Director...

"I love these products! The quality of print is very sharp and exceeds the demanding image requirements we have established."

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Laurie Leduk, VP Strategy...

"Wow! I was thrilled to learn such a solution exists. The inkless product was so clean and simple to use."

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Inkless Fingerprint and Footprint Solutions

Undoubtedly, you have at some point had your fingerprint or footprint taken. Ink was involved, it was a messy process, and your print was likely smudged and of poor quality.

There is a better way to go inkless!

Nekoosa Coated, a Wisconsin based company with expertise in advanced materials has long established itself as the leader in inkless solutions. With an in-house research and development team, a sophisticated manufacturing operation, and a global sales and distribution network, Nekoosa is the clear and clean choice to provide your inkless footprint and fingerprint solution.

Our system is clean and easy to use, prints are permanent, and image quality is superior.

And we are the perfect partner. We have a rich, established history. We are adept at creating custom solutions to meet tough demands. And of course, our solutions are cost effective.

Thanks for visiting us online and please give us a call. We look forward to serving you with an on target, clean, easy, and affordable inkless solution.